Right from Khouribga, Morocco. LeetCTF is the main ctf team for 1337's cyber-security club, we compete in various competitions on both the national and the international scale, we also hold local CTFs in our school and soon enough in other schools as well! LeetCTF is a 100% Moroccan academic team. We are currently the #1 Moroccan team and top 100 international team. We aim to grow the cybersecurity community inside and outside Morocco! This blog is the main website of the team, here, our members publish writeups, stories, challenges, tutorials and more, anything related to cybersecurity is welcome!

What is 1337?

1337 is coding school, completely free of charge, open 24/7, and accessible to 18-30 year olds. Created and Sponsored by @ocpgroup, Powered by @42born2code. #42NetWork

1337 School - Khouribga, Morocco